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A music and video accelerator used by 11 million overseas chinese

Multiple scenarios supported


Kuaifan's global high-speed connection connection with exclusive CDN server can unlock and accelerate Tencent Video, iQIYI, Bilibili and Youku Video, enabling you to enjoy Chinese movies, TV series and variety shows smoothly abroad.


Our self-developed Fanster protocol enables overseas users to accelerate mainstream music platforms such as NetEase Cloud Music, QQ Music, Kugou Music, and QuanMinKGe with just one click, and enjoy massive resources at any time.


With direct overseas connection to domestic game server, Kuaifan ensures fast and easy access to all major games in China, such as Honor of Kings, League of Legends, Game for Peace and Genshin Impact, without any latency, packet loss, or disconnection.

Event Tracking

You can watch the World Cup, NBA, Euro Cup, Champions League and Olympic Games abroad smoothly in high-definition via apps such as Tencent Sports, iQIYI Sports, PP Sports, MIGU Sports and Dongqiudi.

Radio & Audiobook

With direct and high-speed connections to radio stations and audiobook resources such as Himalaya, Lanren Audiobook and Lizhi, you will no longer be restricted while listening to audiobook, radios and stories abroad.

Live Streaming

When using mainstream live streaming apps such as TikTok, Kuaishou, Huya, YY and Bilibili Live, Kuaifan helps you shuttle back to China with one click, guaranteeing smooth and stable images without lagging.

Communication & Office

Kuaifan's high-speed SD-WAN network solves the problem of delayed and stuck return-to-China server in overseas offices, ensuring direct connection to your team in China even when you use office platforms, ERP platforms, WeChat, QQ and other social platforms overseas.

Learning & Education

When accessing online university courses, NetEase Open Classes, iMOOC.com and Tencent Classroom overseas, Kuaifan provides overseas students with high-speed return-to-China server for efficient access to educational resources.

Reasons for choosing Kuaifan

150+ exclusive servers worldwide

40 cities in 20 countries across 6 continents served, with full coverage of audio, videos, games, and live streaming server, and high-speed self-developed transit server + CDN server

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high-speed servers



Multi-platform coverage across all devices

Phone, Pad, Computer and TV supported; Free and flexible server for Android/iOS; simultaneous use of multiple devices by one account supported; high-end custom VIP supported

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Incessant privacy protection

The self-developed Fanster protocol ensures high-speed and stable server with privacy protection.Prevent third-party programs or companies from obtaining private information, kill switch network guard mode

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24-7 service and monitoring

Round-the-clock customer service and community service, real-time server monitoring and optimization, regular expansion of the supplemental return-to-China server

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6 years of operation,the trust of 11 million users

Kuaifan Accelerator is a powerful app with a stable server, providing reliable full-process performance from the Internet speed, stability and user experience, to the pre-sales and post-sales.

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As an established accelerator service provider for overseas Chinese, Kuaifan has been dedicated to providing return-to-China acceleration services, enabling users to enjoy watching videos of Tencent and iQIYI, among others, with guaranteed credibility. It's worth trying!


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Not just for music, I will also use Kuaifan to play games with Chinese servers and watch NBA. I have recommended it to all my friends more than once in my WeChat Moments.

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Officially recommended in countries and regions such as Singapore and Macau

Rating: 4.7/5 points

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